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Why does my hair history matter?

What is your hair history in the past two years? How many stylists have you seen? Have you colored your hair at home? The rabbit hole is deep my friends, as hair stylists it's our job to create color that shines, lifts, or deepens, we have make sure it's "not gold" or take you back to your natural after getting a full head of highlights. Most of these tasks have stipulations in order for the hair to do what you wish. In order to make the process easier, the most information and transparency you can share with us the better the results. Even down to naming the products that are in your shower and what you use for finishing including the tools. Do you use a flat iron, if yes what temperature? Do you have city or well water, are you in the sun alot? Point of this lesson friends is sharing is caring, and clear is kind. The more I know about the integrity of your hair and how well you value the integrity of you hair, the better I can make the decisions to move forward with your desired look, or discuss proper modifications to ensure longevity and the health and wellness of your strands. I think a good consultation would save us all extra time and it builds more trust with your stylist. Even if you do it over a facetime call, or you email photos of your current color in natural indirect sunlight. These little things can make a big difference in your communication and expectations.

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