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What Are the Tools I can Use to Better My At Home Hair Care?

Heyyy There,

Thank You for joining me, I can't tell you how many times I am asked how to achieve the blow dry finish at home. The secret isn't so secret it's all about creating a routine (ritual) for it and having good TOOLS. Trust me, I am no sucker for the most expensive products on the market. I am actually a girl who likes to feel like it's all affordable and accessible to EVERYONE! I will say I am not a huge flat iron your hair often fan, however I do provide the link to my favorite Paul Mitchell iron that can smooth and curl and you don't have to risk terrible burns from a wand. So what am I getting at? Well, I have created a Menu Option called Shop on my website. I have linked the tools I use every day to achieve the looks you can check out in my portfolio or on my Instagram @stephallenhairstylist. I invite you to join my community and connect on Instagram, even send me a DM. I am here to provide you the services you need to feel good about how you look, and turn the agonizing mindset of at home styling into a ritual of self care, so you can enjoy the experience and make a little time for you! It's really all about how you look at it.

There's even links to other aspects of hair care like a shower head filter to keep the minerals from discoloring and prevent yucky residue build up. If you are a victim of bad water (most of us are) I included the BEST hard mineral removing Malibu Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mineral removing packets. I hope this finds you well. Reach out with other questions, I am here for you.

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