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How It Works


You don't have to know exactly what you want to do with your hair, and it's best that you are open to suggestion.  I will listen intently to your needs and I will ask you a lot of questions to identify the problems and offer you practical solutions.  We will create a strong working relationship and always think about the future maintenance to keep the consistency of your color.  Let's be honest, your hair is the only accessory you wear everyday, I will help you build the confidence to make it look good.  The way we look directly affects how we feel everyday.  

Price is as custom as your color, if you have a budget in mind,we can discuss in our consultation, no hair story is the same, which is why I don't overwhelm you with numbers and services on this page


Hydrating Haircut Experience 
$80   1 Hr

If you are NEW I can't wait to meet you! When you book online, this is the title of the service for a haircut experience. I want to invest in time together since I've never done your hair before and good things take time and includes finishing time.


The Refresh 2 Hours

You are a regular and you just need to update the roots or refresh the gloss and shine of a previous melted highlight and you know the lingo at this point so you feel confident this is what you need. Includes the finishing time.


The Foil Session 3 Hour

I need Dimension , my roots are too visible, I need Highlights. Here's what you book usually 8-10 week increment. This includes the finishing time. New Clients book the "I'm A New Color Client"  




Before I Book I have a Question

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