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Steph Allen Hairstylist

Downtown Sanford,Florida 


How I Define Myself As A Stylist

I am a Colorist... reds, Blondes, gray Blending, and Creative Color. I have a cozy Studio Salon in the heart of downtown Sanford, Florida. I created this Salon for a personalized Salon Spa Experience.


Hi, I am Stephanie Allen. I am a 1983 Capricorn Business woman & hair stylist. Also a downtown Sanford local, this salon has been a 10 year dream Realized.  I finally Live, Work, and Play in this adorable town. Established 4/4/2023


I educate for Wella Professionals that is my color line I use in salon.  This allows me to stay up to date on trends, it keeps me inspired, and I get to connect with other salon stylists too.


I am also a zen girl, and I teach yoga 1 day a week to keep my mind and body aligned. My mental and physical health keep me happy and healthy behind the chair, at home taking care of my family, and just staying centered.  I do ALOT!


 I love what I do and I can't wait to meet you!

xoxo, Steph Allen

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